Unlocking local opportunity and delivering economic benefits, transforming the environment in front of Waterloo Station through the creation of new public routes and spaces and celebrating the architecture of engineering.

Unlocking local opportunity and delivering economic benefits for Waterloo

Support up to 12,000 jobs, almost five times more than currently supported on the site. Currently there are just 2,400 people employed on the site, and we would
also create hundreds of jobs during the construction phase, including apprenticeships and opportunities for Lambeth residents.

Contribute approximately £14 million a year to the local economy, from the spending of the people employed within the new building in local shops and services such as those in Lower Marsh.

An integrated servicing solution to minimise the impact on the local area, with deliveries consolidated off site and all servicing taken underground.

A substantial package of local benefits to be secured through a future planning permission through a Section 106 agreement and CIL payments.

A package of employment and training support measures, to ensure that local people and businesses benefit from the opportunities created.

Generate £14 million business rates annually of which £4 million would be retained by Lambeth Council.

Transforming the environment in front of Waterloo Station through the creation of new public routes and spaces

A beautiful new publicly accessible garden at promenade level accessed directly from the concourse at Waterloo Station and from York Road and the Waterloo Curve.

Deliver the ‘Waterloo Curve’, a new pedestrian street lined with shops and cafés linking the new Victory Arch Square to Leake Street.

Create Victory Arch Square in front of Waterloo Station to provide improved access for millions of passengers travelling between the UK’s busiest train station and the surrounding area.

Provide much needed capacity relief for Waterloo Station which is already bursting atthe seams and is set to see an increase in visitor numbers to approximately 130 million passengers a year over the next five years.

An enhanced pedestrian experience along York Road to reflect the wider changes taking place locally including at Southbank Place.

A bustling and vibrant retail frontage filled with shops and places to eat, complementing the surrounding retail offer in the area.

Exceptional design which celebrates the architecture of engineering

An innovative engineering solution which will be celebrated through its architectural form.

Office space focused on well-being, with every floor having a great view, access to a garden, a variety of different volumes and offering future-proofed flexible space.

Accommodating an ecosystem of different sized companies from those occupying entire floors to start-ups, with an environment that encourages partnerships and collaboration.

A car free development with only accessible parking spaces provided given the site’s location next to the UK’s busiest rail station.

Significantly increased permeability through the site with two new links between York Road and the Waterloo Curve and to the South Bank and surrounding area.