About the team

Find out more about the architects, structural engineers and other key members of the project team.

About the architects

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Established in 1989 with offices in London, Bristol and Oklahoma City, AHMM is known for its reinvention of buildings and places. The practice won the Stirling Prize in 2015. Previous projects include the BBC Television Centre, the Barbican, White Collar Factory, New Scotland Yard, as well as key new commercial, residential and education developments in Lambeth, London, around the UK and internationally.


About the structural engineers

Robert Bird Group

Established in 1982, Robert Bird Group is a specialist global structural and civil engineering consultancy with over 600 staff across ten global offices. They have extensive experience in designing complex structures adjacent to and above railway infrastructure, as well as high rise towers. Their London projects include 21 Moorfields, 100 Bishopsgate, Cannon Place (construction methodology) and Nova Victoria.


Other key members of the project team include:

Planning Consultants DP9
Mechanical Engineering Sweco
Landscape Architect Exterior Architect
Transport Consultant
WSP Transport
London Communications Agency